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FOR SALE!! STAR WARS – RADIANT VII from Renegade Replicas



Star Wars


$1,500 USD

This is the Randy Cooper Radiant VII that I built some years back. It is lighted with an A/C connector...

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Robin Moore’s 1:24 Ralph McQuarrie X-Wing

Renegade Replicas owner Robin Moore is well known for his amazing skills and collection. As a matter of fact, his “nerd cave” (as he calls it) was just featured (CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT)...

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Robin Moore’s Otana YT-2000 from the X-wing Alliance Game

Robin Moore returns with this great build of the Otana YT-2000. A special thanks to artist Stefan Hacker for providing artistic support to this project.







To contact this artist direct, pleas...

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The Collection Cave of Robin Moore!!

This amazing dual purpose room has just about everything one would drool over! Impressive! Thank you Robin for sharing your amazing room with us all!




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Studio Scale B-Wing by Robin Moore of Renegade Replicas

The studio scale B-Wing is one of the most rare kits today. Not very many were made and they were exact replicas of the original studio models...

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RADIANT by Robin Moore

Artist Robin Moore has sent these photos of his amazing build of the Randy Cooper Kit… The Radiant from Star Wars Ep.I. This piece is well colored and quite a beauty to view. Nicely done.


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Stellar Envoy Redeux by Robin Moore

The Falcon variant seen in Star Wars Episode 3 was fantastic in my opinion...

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1:72 Moldy Crow by Robin Moore

Artist Robin Moore is back with his build of the JPG Productions kit, the 1:72 HWK-290 Light Freighter “Moldy Crow”...

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1:72 Millennium Falcon by Robin Moore

It has been a while since we have shown this artists works…. and that time certainly has not been wasted. Artist Robin Moore has just come out with his newest build of the Falcon...

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TOS Cylon Raider by Robin Moore

Here is another beautiful build by master artist Robin Moore! Built from the Revell/Monogram kit, Robin really made it work as the tyrannous fighter of the Cylon ‘robotic’ race! Both the markings and ...

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