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Chris Dobinson 2008 – Battlestar Galactica – Kuhn Global’s 1:32 Mk7 Colonial Viper … Blue Screen Photos by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn)

The 2003 Ron Moore reboot of Battlestar Galactica took us into a completely different imagined arena of the already fantastic 1978 Glen Larson television show and 1979 film...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale Viper Heaven!! ALL 4 Styled VIPERS in Studio Scale!! from Chris Dobinson


Chris Dobinson


FOUR Studio Vipers!!

All 4 Together for

$1,000 USD

Plus Shipping

This is a once in a great while offer that I don’t believe will last long! The kits alone that were pu...

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Revell JJ-Prise 1701 by Chris Dobinson

It has been a very long time, and we are proud to welcome back artist Chris Dobinson to this Gallery to show his fantastic build of the JJ-Prise! Outstanding!!

I would like to submit my JJ Abrams En...

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1:48 B5 Thunderbolt from Chris Dobinson

I have always loved the designs that came from the popular serious Babylon 5. This fighter is one that I plan on having made in 1:18 scale for display…....

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1:32 Viper Mk VIIE by Chris Dobinson

Built from the amazing TimeSlip Creations Kit, master modeler Chris Dobinson did this piece absolute justice! As with his 1:20 FM Model Company Mk VII build (SEEN HERE) his use of weathering is top no...

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1:20 Viper Mk VII by Chris Dobinson

Built from an outstanding kit, this piece was given a fantastic finish by professional modeler Chris Dobinson! His use of weathering techniques gave this model life! So much so that I am reminded that...

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SERENITY built by Chris Dobinson

Built as his own one off, master modeler Chris Dobinson did beautiful work bringing this outlaw vessel to life! His use of colors and weathering is perfect for this model! Another beautiful build by m...

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1:60 Custom Macross 0 SV-51 mastered by Chris Dobinson

Since this Galleries inception, I have been brought into so many fantastic worlds of fantasy modeling and art! And so comes this fantastic piece from fantastic modeler Chris Dobinson inspired from the...

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B5 Thunderbolt Fighter built by Chris Dobinson

Beautifully built from an Alliance kit, modeler Chris Dobinson once again shows his skills with this fighter build from Babylon 5. A beautiful piece for any collection.


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Kuhn Global VIPER Squadron

Here is all four of the finished Salzo/Reis Studio Vipers together in action that R.L. Bleecker built for the collection...

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