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KORBANTH 1/24 Darth Vader TIE X-1 by Paul Nyul

I finally finished this Korbanth 1/24 Vader Tie – a long time in tracking down some of the correct parts...

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SOLD!! Moebius Models 1:32 Cylon Raider “SCAR” By John Beaulieu


John Beaulieu


Battlestar Galactica

Cylon Raider… “SCAR”

$300 USD

Plus Shipping

Season 4 raider backdated to season 2’s episode “Scar”...

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FOR SALE! First CYLON War’s End… BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “BSG-75” from John Beaulieu


John Beaulieu


1/4105 Battlestar Galactica


$900 USD

Plus Actual Calculated Shipping

Moebius Models Battlestar Galactica as she may have appeared near the end of the first Cyl...

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1:72 Viper MK II by John Beaulieu for the Sarah Scott Collection

Here is a beautiful build from an artist that has shown his fantastic works in the past…. John Beaulieu!

I am pleased to present to you my latest build for the Sarah Scott Collection!

She asked me h...

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BSG-75 by John Beaulieu

The Moebius Galactica has now been built may thousands of artists, each giving it their own special flare of life! This one by John Beaulieu is another beauty with his choice of lighting and paint! Ve...

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USS Voyager built by John Beaulieu for the Sarah Scott Collection

Recently I was contacted by actress & model builder Sarah Scott about the most recent commission she had out with artist John Beaulieu! He was building her the Monogram kit of the USS Voyager! As you ...

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John Beaulieu – Builds Coming in 2013

Artist John Beaulieu has created this wonderful teaser of what is to come from his shop this year! I look forward to showing it all on Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic!

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USS Voyager – WIP by John Beaulieu for the Sarah Scott Collection

Known Actor and fellow Model Builder/Collector Sarah Scott has commissioned artist John Beaulieu to build one of the old Monogram Voyager Kits! As you can see… John is currently working on interiors a...

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SERENITY by John Beaulieu

This fantastic tiny build is by artist John Beaulieu! This is the best piece I have seen him do yet! Fantastic!

By far my most ambitious build to date! Engine core, gravity ring and atmospheric engine...

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IRON MAN – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Using the photos from the outstanding custom build of IRON MAN by master artist John Beaulieu, on the professional modeling board Resin Illuminati, and using another background of Warhammer, I made th...

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