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Buck Rogers Short Film by Chris Borges-Silva

Artist Chris Borges-Silva has made this fantastic Buck Roger Tribute Short Film for you enjoyment!


Chris Borges-Silva

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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1:1 Buck Roger’s Dr. Theopolis by Gregg Nowling for the Chris Borges-Silva Collection

Gregg Nowling


Buck Roger’s in the 25th Century’s

Dr. Theopolis

for the

Chris Borges-Silva Collection


This is a replica of Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century...

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Revell VIPER Re-Issue built by Wayne K. Hough from the Chris Borges-Silva Collection

This fantastic viper build is by artist Wayne Hough for the Chris Borges-Silva Collection! Wayne captures the essence of the studio Viper models very well in this build! The lighting runs from an inte...

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Revell Cylon Raider Re-Issue from the Chris Borges-Silva Collection

Built by Wayne Hough, this fantastic piece is now part of the Chris Borges-Silva Collection! These re-issue Raiders from the original Monogram Molds make them the same as the Raider that was built as ...

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Revell GALACTICA Re-Issue from the Chris Borges-Silva Collection

I have the pleasure of introducing another Collector to our Gallery…. Chris Borges-Silva! Showing first is his Galactica build by Wayne Hough!

This is a Revell 1997 “re-issue” of the classic Battlesta...

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