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Fantastic 1:32 TTA Barracuda by Vaughn MacPhail

We welcome back artist Vaughn MacPhail with this fantastic creation!! I love this design!

This build was inspired by Bob Layzell’s painting used in the Terran Trade Authority book Great Space Battle...

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Vaughn A. MacPhail – Starfury Scratch Build WIP 4

Going through my folder, I realized I had not shown this next update for Vaughn do to it being placed into another artist’s folder… my apology...

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Vaughn A. MacPhail – Starfury Scratch Build WIP 3

Artist Vaughn A. MacPhail continues doing his magic on this incredible scratch build of the B5 StarFury!!



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B5 StarFury Scratch Build WIP 2 by Vaughn MacPhail

This fantastic piece is getting closer and closer! The shape is really coming to life!! It is very exciting to view Vaughn’s work!












To visit the Vaughn MacPhail’s site direct, please click ...

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1:32 B5 StarFury Fighter SCTRATCH BUILD WIP by Vaughn MacPhail

Artist Vaughn MacPhail is currently working on this already large and magnificent B5 fighter to get to know the beast before building a much larger one for the collection...

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Blood & Chrome Fully Armored GALACTICA – WIP#2 by Vaughn MacPhail

This design of the Battlestar certainly has my attention. Master Artist Vaughn MacPhail continues his excellence in bringing this Moebius beast to life!

I finished the stbd landing pod...

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Blood & Chrome BSG 75 – Moebius Conversion by Vaughn A. MacPhail Sr.

I have the great pleasure of introducing the artist whom actually mentored famed artist Robert LePine! I am honored to show the works of Vaughn MacPhail Sr...

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