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1:18 US Army AR-TAV, M588 APC by Chad Crafts

Here is another fantastic creation by artist Chad Crafts! I love the details!

The following is based on 1:20 Aliens USCM APC changed and adapted to my verse as an US Army APC.

1:18 US Army AR-TAV, M5...

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COMPLETED!! 1:18 Invader class; Planetary – Dual Role Attack Craft (P-DRAC) by Chad Crafts

This beautiful scratch and bash is finally complete by the hands of artist Chad Crafts!


Back story:

The alien invasion of earth began with descent of large, aerial carriers around the globe...

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1:18 Invader class, Medium Anti-Grav Assault Tank (MAGAT) by Chad Crafts

Artist Chad Crafts is back with another fantastic creation for his magnificent storyline!

Scratchbuilt using various parts, styrene, Aves Fixit, and LED’s for interior/exterior lighting effects...

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1:18 Invader Class Fighter, Planetary – Dual Role Attack Craft (P-DRAC) – WIP by Chad Crafts

Artist Chad Crafts has a fantastically creative mind! His developing Sci Fi storyline gives him great direction to design his own fighting craft… like this one… the Invader Class Fighter! This design ...

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China PLA 1:18 Type-99A Main Battle Tank by Chad Crafts

Artist Chad Crafts returns with his latest upgrade of a Trumpeter kit… into this mean looking beast of a tank!

The Chinese PLA do play a role in my Sci-fi verse...

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1:18 M1167 “Badger” by Chad Crafts

I love modified military vehicles! And Chad Crafts has done it again!

The “Badger” was used in close urban combat and in support of ground troops. The few built were at a TACOM facility in Virginia...

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Mech “Rabid Bear” Diorama by Chad Crafts

One of my favorite games was Mech Warrior. Chad Crafts is showing today his build of the “Rabid Bear”diorama…with it’s massive guns! I love it!














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MECHA – “Rabid Bear” by Chad Crafts

Artist Chad crafts returns with this build of a heavy MECHA… “Rabid Bear”! I have always loved Mechs…. and I used to be a huge player of the video game. This Mecha of Chad’s is wonderful!

Rabid Bear7Jan11a

Rabid Bear7Jan11b

Rabid Bear7Jan11c

Rabid Bear7Jan11e

Rabid Bear7Jan11f

Rabid Bear7Jan11g

Rabid Bear7Jan11aa

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1:18 Resistance Fighter GUN TRUCK – Scratch & Bash by Chad Crafts

Today we introduce an aspiring new artist, who also is an aspiring writer as well! Mr...

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