OUR Mission!

Every so often something stimulates the world in a positive way. Art,… Music,… everything that we can see, hear, touch, or even feel (without physical touch) compels the human spirit to great heights, and even it’s lows.


This Gallery Site is for those who wish to aspire to those great heights of humanity through art. The many Artists who gather here are assembled from all around the world to not only share what they know, but to learn from the others who are on this site with them.


Here you will find great people with talents and services that are ready for the world we live in.


Currently, this site is mainly geared toward amazing model builders, creators, and sculptors. While it is not limited to that, it is the basis for why it was founded.


My name is Kurt Kuhn… and I am this site’s founder.


I remember as a child watching a man (Neil Armstrong) walk on the Moon for the first time in recorded human history! I remember it as if I watched it yesterday. It was this that captured and led my imagination toward things to come. Soon after that, I began to watch a show called Star Trek, a TV show that was first aired 1966. When I first began watching it, a few years after it’s cancellation, I had just become interested in space travel because of watching great men like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin make history. Lucky for me, Star Trek then came back in syndication. That stated, Star Trek was a whole NEW idea for my imagination. Starships going to other planets, people of different colors, looks, and race all working together toward an exciting conclusion! The action and adventure crippled me with excitement from it’s start! I had no chance after that… I was forever a science fiction fan!


After that, watching re-runs on network television became a regular activity. I grew older and was given toys, which led me to models! Back then, for me, a model was a toy that I could put together and play with!  As I got older, I realized that a model wasn’t just a toy, but a very close resemblance of what was on TV…. and my imagination soared yet again! This time to make the models look as if they were REAL! I became a scratch model maker and kit builder!


In 1977 something new was coming. All of my friends and I stared at a poster outside of the local Theater. It was black, and stated just a few words… “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away“. BRILLIANT!!! We just HAD to see whatever THAT was!!! And we all did! That summer in 1977 we saw Star Wars 99 times! We spent every day, viewing all showings per day in the Holiday Theater there in Canoga Park, California. We even began acting out the character parts as we watched. It was amazing fun!! And how could we not view it over and over?!! It entranced us with awesomeness! The opening scene was a smaller spacecraft getting pommeled by laser fire… but from what?… and there it was…. crawling over our heads like something out of our best dreams! The Star Destroyer! Suddenly all my friends and I were about was building these great ships! Making them come to life!

As we watch history unfold before us, if one truly pays attention, he or she would find that all creative ideas (that are made into practical things we use on a daily basis) mostly come from the minds of the people making models and props for the Film and Television Industry! Those props and models are then well received into the minds of those in the science field that would make them a reality! So, if one really thinks about it, their conclusion could be that it is this art form that has formed much of the world we are active in today. Although unsung even today, artists have that much power in the world. And with that…. it continues… here, and around the world! An art form we all appreciate and enhance.


Inspiration through ART!… IMAGINATION through INDUSTRY! And CREATIVENESS that may bring us all together for one brief moment… and possibly more.


With all of that stated… THIS site will offer what it can to be the one-stop-shop for all knowledge needed to learn and do within such a fantastic Hobby and Industry!

I appreciate all of your participation in this art form. YOU make it what it is, and take it where it will go! Without YOU, this site would not exist. Thank you all!

As for our plans of growth and giving back…. more than a decade ago we were concentrating on making Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic a live, physical gallery located in Las Vegas… which was before 2008 happened to the world economy. Then we concentrated our efforts toward a much different venture than originally planned, which was a plan of profit back then. This new plan was to be a gallery which everyone may enjoy, and of which will be 100% driven by own funding, and the funding of possible partners that may wish to come on board. Even so, there will be an entry charge. “An Entry Charge You Say?!!” Yes! This entry fee will be noted entirely as donation, of which 100% of all monies taken at the door, and online will go to a very worthy charity. We were looking at a few to donate to. They were: The Children’s Hospital, Foundation 4Life, Wounded Warrior Project, Cancer Research, and Make-A-Wish Foundation, and St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Each quarter was to be a different Charity we would donate those funds too. We would not be paying ourselves first, as many non-profit organizations do to run themselves, but as stated we would be giving 100% of all monies accepted to the Charity of the Month. After all… a donation of charity is only charity when it is in fact donated properly. We ere to hold great events at the Gallery, just as we have done for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the past. We also intended to offer official club houses for some very noted Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica role playing clubs, that they may roam the Gallery, also having their own themed areas of what genre they represent. All of these were planned, and more.

Today (in the beginning of 2019) I find myself challenged in health, and with time as a factor. As such, I needed to find another avenue to carry out all which we wanted to do with the art form, and Charity. We found a solution in choosing Successors to Modelers Miniatures & Magic.

I did not expect to be running Modeler Magic forever. I have become older, and after a few decades in this art form, my choice to pass it along to a like minded thinker has now come. May I present the new owners of Modelers Miniatures & Magic. A great man and team that shall carry it all forward for years to come. As of June 2021, Chris Dye and his team will be making sure that Modeler Magic remains alive and well for everyone to utilize.  Know that it shall always be part of me, just as all of you are…. you artists that have quite factually changed the world with what you do. That is the truth. In that, it is YOU make the art form what it is, and take it where it shall go. I am witness to it all… and very grateful to have been part of it.

I hope you enjoy this site and it’s many offerings as much as I do. Especially what may come in the near future. Our combined creativeness and imagination keep us human. And with all the talents from around the globe assembled here… literally… the world is one.




Peace be unto you.


Kurt Kuhn

Kuhn Global, Inc.

United States of America

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