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Joe Melvin’s Moebius MKII Viper with Review!


Joseph Melvin

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Statements made, or views expressed may...

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A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of visiting an old friend…. Scott Alexander (AKA Capt. Cardboard)...

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CHRONICLE DELIVERS!! Stargate ANUBIS Helmet for the KUHN GLOBAL Collection

Last Friday, Oct 30, 2015, three large boxes came to me via FedEx! The Anubis Helmet had arrived! Like a kid on Christmas morning, I wanted to rip it open to see the marvelous creation inside, but ala...

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Gravity Colors Airbrush Paint Review by Jason Gares of Video Workbench and Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller

Gravity Colors Airbrush Paint Review


It’s nice to see in this hobby new items coming out to support both the hobbyists and manufactures...

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Video Workbench Presents – Ban Dai Star Wars Stormtrooper Model Kit Unboxing & Review

Jason Gares, owner and host of Video Workbench reviews the Ban Dai Star Wars Stormtrooper 1/12th scale plastic model kit...

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1:1000 Enterprise 1701-E Review by Albert Siow

Collector Albert Siow received his Titan M&M 1000 scale Enterprise 1701-E just a few days ago and wanted to show his great impressions of this masterful kit that was patterned by Richard Long! They di...

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QMX #0002 1:850 Enterprise 1701-D from the Michael Plante Collection

When everyone heard that former ILMer John Elban and Crew at QMX was doing the 1701-D, excitement began to stir! Let me state that this model is completely impressive! They engineered it to be quite b...

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SideShow 1:1 Terminator T-800 Bust – Review by Chris G. (Chrisblu007)

U.K. Collector Chris G...

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Kit Review! HULK Figure Reviewed by George Waldron


Hulk Figure Review

First figure offering from Ed with intent to start offering Sci Fi soon.

What you get:

3 pieces-

  • 1x base
  • 1x left hand
  • 1x figure

Starting with the base, you get a well-sized base ...

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KIT REVIEW – Alfred Wong 1:144 Scimitar by George Waldron


1/144 Scale Tie Scimitar Master by Al Wong

Man, oh man, it was a great day for me; Along with the A-wing and the Hulk Figure, I also received the 1/144 Scimitar...

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