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Carlos Levischi’s 1/48 Diorama – Hell on HOTH!

We had shown this way back on November 20, 2010… and I thought I would bump it to our front page once again! Creating this diorama… professional artist Carlos Levischi’s talents still shine! I love th...

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1:72 Royal Gaurd TIE Interceptor by Carlos Levischi

This is an interesting twist to an awesome fighter kit…. turning it into the Imperial Royal Guard Fighter that directly protects the Emperor himself...

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1:72 TIE Defender by Carlos Levischi

This fantastic piece was built by artist Carlos Levischi! It is a very simple build that he made look like a filming miniature! I love the TIE Defender design. Carlos did a wonderful job!


To contact ...

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1:72 V-Wing by Carlos Levischi

This little beauty was done by talented pro modeler Carlos Levischi...

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1:72 HAG Tank by Carlos Levischi

This beautiful build captures the battlefield essence perfectly with this Zarkus Models Kit...

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“Burning Coruscant” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

INSANITY! Even for a Clone! Suddenly finding themselves fighting their own brothers, whom after hearing “Execute Order 66” turned on, and killed their Jedi Masters, this small band of 11 clone Trooper...

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ARC-170 by Carlos Levischi

Built from the small, but impressive Revell kit, talented artist Carlos Levischi shows us just how the smaller kits can look like Studio Pieces! His use of layered weathering and markings is beautiful...

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