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Michael Kearns HUGE Shuttle Tydirium Wing Motors!

This amazing and huge model by Michael Kearns is really coming along nicely!

With a little more redesigning of the mechanism…. I cracked it! All the model needs now is to detail it more...

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Michael Kearns 7 Foot SHUTTLE TYDIRIUM Inner Motor Components

Artist Michael Kearns is well know for his building of the amazing, and massive, 7 foot Shuttle Tydirum...

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Michael Kearns 7 Foot Tall Shuttle Tydirium

Well….. need I say anything? Excellent work Michael!

I finally got all the main parts together, they all fit OK. It’s four foot closed and seven opened.
I have a bit of fine tuning on the wings to al...

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Michael Kearns 4 Foot Falcon Photos

This piece has been shown to the fans in Ireland, and we have been able to show what limited photos there were, until now. These were emailed by Michael for us to show.









Michael Kearns

To c...

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Michael Kearns 4 Foot Millennium Falcon at Disney Ireland

We have been showing the scratch build of the Millennium Falcon by Michael Kearns over the past months. It is finished now and on display at Disney in Ireland!

Here are some Stormtroopers with it...

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46 Inch!! Falcon UPDATE from Michael Kearns

Impressive! Irish artist  Michael Kearns is doing great work with his scratch and bash Millennium Falcon! I love it!!





Michael Kearns

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTI...

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Michael Kearns’ 46 Inch Millennium Falcon WIP

I have the pleasure of introducing another great talent to our Gallery Family! From Ireland, artist Michael Kearns! Michael will be sharing more soon on this fantastic build, and I decided to show the...

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