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Large Discovery UPDATE from SF Modelers!!

We have great pleasure to show you some pictures of the casting of Discovery! Our team is doing everything possible to finish this great project, but 2018 will be hopefully the year of the birth of th...

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Pegasus UFO’s by SF Modeler’s Thierry & Cécile LHUISSIER

The SF Modelers return with this fantastic set of UFO’s! They state that they are built from Pegasus kits and the lighting was provided by TenaControls LLC! Fantastic!

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The TRIAX from “V” by SF Modelers Thierry and Cécile LHUISSIER

The SF Modeler’s are back with this fantastic model from the 1984 television series “V”! Fantastic work! If you want to view more, and read the story behind the build, just click below on the VIEW MOR...

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HUGE! 1:6 Lunar Model (L.M.) by Space Modelers’ Thierry & Cécile LHUISSIER

Our friends at Space Modeler’s in France, artists Thierry & Cécile LHUISSIER, are doing amazing work yet again! And this one is a personal favorite of mine or their work!!

Here is the latest model ...

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NEW UPDATE! FUTURE OFFERING! 8.5 Feet Long (2 Meter 67) – “2010” Discovery’s from Space Modeler’s



2010: The Year We Make Contact


2 Meters 67 in Length!

That is 8.5 Feet LONG!!

Each piece hand crafted by Thierry Lhuissier

of France’s Space Modeler’s,

these ‘finished’ m...

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1:32 Viper Mk II by Space Modeler’s Cécile Lhuissier

French artist Cécile Lhuissier, of the famed Space Modeler’s, has another fine model to present today! The Viper MkII!!

Here is the pictures of my Viper in 1/32 from Moebius Models, I made a work o...

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1:72 Temporal Cube by Cécile Lhuissier of Space Modeler’s

French artist Cécile Lhuissier returns with another fantastic piece…. a Temporal Cube! The art works coming out of this shop is outstanding! Great work Cécile!

This is a Temporal Cube, it is an or...

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Alien Escape Pod by Cécile Lhuissier of the Space Modeler’s

Space Modeler’s Artist Cécile Lhuissier again shows her magnificent creativity with this Escape Pod that was made entirely from household items!




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“The Jade” Studio Model by Thierry Lhuissier of Space Modeler’s for the Star Wars Fan Film L’Ordre Sith

From the Star Wars Fan Film L’Ordre Sith comes this fantastic Studio Model creation of Thierry Lhuissier… of the famed Space Modeler’s! This piece is absolutely fantastic! The shape unique… and the de...

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The 5th Element Federated Destroyer scratch build by Cécile Lhuissier of Space Modeler’s

I promised you all we would be showing more of the individual creations of France’s artist team of Space Modeler’s...

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