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Garry King – FOUR 12th scale Australian Victorian Houses

After many years of trying to get into the model making business with production companies in Australia which was extremely hard with a waiting list of 10 years and more...

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Jurassic Condos – 8 Inch! Diorama by Nigel Rostance

I acquired the model of this condominium from my employer (as I work in architectural building sciences)...

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Adam Makarenko’s EXOPLANETS – Hand Crafted! Physical Planet Landscapes, Photographed Beautifully

EXOPLANETS is a body of work comprised of hand crafted planetary models that are photographed...

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Sydney Opera House by Dae Choi

Just got back from visit to Sydney and that opera house gave me inspiration to build one. All paper stuff.

Best regards,

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Introducing PRECISION SNOW & ICE!!

Many of us have attempted to get results that look authentic of sub zero weather...

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Architectural Bridge Model by Yoon-ho Park!

Park is not only a fantastic model builder, but an amazing Architectural Designer as well. Check out this magnificent Bridge model!


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Moebius Model’s MEL’s Drive-in by Dae Choi

Here is another beautiful build by Dae Choi! Mel’s Drive-in looks amazing!

IMG_4351 (2)

IMG_4344 (2)

IMG_4352 (2)

IMG_4355 (2)

Dae Choi

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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Architectural Modeling by Yoon-ho Park

Artist Park is back with this magnificent architectural model city scape! Fantastic!DSCN4999-sized

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Landing Bay with Y-Wing WIP by Yoon-Ho Park

Korean artist Yoon-Ho Park is back with this fantastic build and WIP of the landing bay he is making for this Y-Wing! Park has great architectural and engineering abilities that he utilizes in his bui...

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KIT ALERT! 1:72 Stonehenge by Larson Designs

Kit Alert


LARSON_DESIGNS_STONEHENGE_KIT-thumbProducer: Larson Designs
Scale: 1:72
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 1
Price: $50
Shipping: U.S. Domestic FREE! Worldwide Available!
Available: NOW
Payment Method: PayPa...

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