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Jeremy Kennedy – Bandai 1/72 A-Wing Build

I finished this one a little differently than I usually do, in that I didn’t try to go for the “ILM” look of the original studio models...

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John Simmons – 1/24 Resin T-70 & Studio Scale Nice N Red Jammer Builds

John has kindly submitted some great pictures of two of his recent builds.

They are both amazing as you will see

Thanks for submitting them John

Ok enough talk, lets check them out!

1/24 Resin T...

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KIT ALERT!! NEW from KORBANTH! – STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back – 1/2 Life-Sized IMPERIAL PROBE DROID Kit!



1/2 Life-Sized


(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$ TBA $

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 1/2 Life-Size (~24″ Diameter)

Kit Materials: Resin a...

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Nicolas Huguet / NH Design – HASBRO Black Series CONVERSION – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back T-47 Snowspeeder RE-PAINT

Here is my latest commission work that I did the conversion for a client… a Hasbro Snowspeeder. It is a nice size (almost a studio scale) and I painted it with Archive-X paints.
Nicolas Huguet
NH Desi...

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Michael Hawes – A World-Class Collection… Growing at Light Speed!! Impressive!

Collector and Artist Michael Hawes came into this art form like the fast winds of a Hurricane! His contributions have been amazing in not only commissioning amazing artists, and obtaining the wonderfu...

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Sean Sides / Square Models – MSLZ22 Models – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – MEGA-Scale AT-AT (Imperial Walker) with Crashed Snowspeeder Diorama- COMPLETED – Plus IG-11 Nurse Assassin Droid

Here’s a few quick iPhone pics of the completed model. I’m still figuring out a final location of where to display it...

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Pascal Van Der Sande – Hasbro – STAR WARS X-34 Landspeeder Paint Up

Artist Pascal Van Der Sande made this fantastic Hasbro toy stand out with a new paint job! Beautifully done!

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The Michael Hawes Collection – Marc Elkins – Mike Salzo – STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back – Studio Scale (8 Foot / 2.4m) Star Destroyer AVANGER – Work in Progress Update #2

Michael Hawes is making dreams come true once again! Here is the story of the Avenger that he is helping come to life!

Six years ago I was able to visit my friend, and artist Marc Elkins...

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Collection Wars! Episode 10: The Michael Plante Interview!

On May 11, 2001, Collection Wars Gabe Estrada and Mike Hawes interview one of the big boys in the studio model collection world… Michael Plante...

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Stash of Sprues / Kevin Hoppert (2019) – NICE-N Model Designs – STAR WARS – Studio Scale ESCAPE POD

The Studio Scale Escape Pod was an original run, Nice-N Model Designs resin kit...

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