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MarioMaker – Dreams Scale Model – STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back – Replica Studio Scale IMPERIAL Probe Droid

Here is my Probe Droid. I saw this kit from Dreams Scale Model here on Modeler Magic (Click HERE to View The KIT ALERT!) and I knew I had to have it.

When the model arrived, I inspected the castings a...

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MarioMaker – DeAgostini Model Space – Gerry Anderson’s THUNDERBIRD 2

I normally build resin kits but every so often, get an injection molded kit and build that.

This is a Thunderbird 2 kit from De Agostini Model Space...

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MarioMaker – The BIG GUY and Rusty the Boy Robot!

I bought and built this model in the early 90s and it was a fun built. Very simple and straightforward. Easy paint job. Really easy in fact. So easy I had to buy it.

It’s the BIG GUYs from Dark Horse ...

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The BBQ was battery operated. It had a spinning cylinder with tiny mirror reflectors on it, so as it lit up, the reflectors simulated a roasting fire from below.

The house had an opening door and insi...

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MarioMaker – Original AMT/Ertl – 1/350 Klingon Bird of Prey (Built Nearly 30 Years Ago!)

This model was built almost 30 years ago and has been stored in a box.

I’ve always loved the “football player with shoulder pads” design and found this kit someone was selling in the south west...

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MARIOMAKER – The Golden Voyage of Sinbad – KALI

This (Golden Voyage of Sinbad) Kali model was purchased from Monsters in Motion almost 30 years ago. It’s been sitting there collecting dust and I finally got around to work on it...

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MARIOMAKER – The Flintstones Car!

Here is my Flintstone car I built in the late 80’s. The car is mostly made from foam and super sculpey. The wheels, seats and dashboard were foam, while the hard body was super sculpey.

What is grea...
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MarioMaker – KORBANTH – Star Wars: A New Hope – ~39″ BLOCKADE RUNNER

After expressing my disappointment with a different Kit Maker’s Blockade Runner kit I had just purchased, my friend suggested I look into the ~39″ Korbanth Kit instead...

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MarioMaker – (HUGE) 1/17 Dynamic Digital Creations – Star Wars T-70 X-Wing

This is a Tony Celliers Dynamic Digital Creations 1/17 T-70 X-Wing kit...

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