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Mystery 10 – Jason Eaton’s Movie Miniatures RESTORATION: ILM’s Master Pattern of the PYRO X-Wing

Jason Eaton’s work in the industry, as well as the private sector, has been amazing! Like many of us, he too was a Star Wars fan when he was young, and today he is involved with the RESTORATION work o...

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KIT ALERT!! From NICE-N Model Designs – STAR TREK – Studio Scale – KLINGON Bird of Prey Replica KIT!



Studio Scale

KLINGON Bird of Prey Replica KIT!

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$3,500 USD

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: Studio Scale

Shipping Amount: $200 shipping wit...

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The BBQ was battery operated. It had a spinning cylinder with tiny mirror reflectors on it, so as it lit up, the reflectors simulated a roasting fire from below.

The house had an opening door and insi...

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MARIOMAKER – The Flintstones Car!

Here is my Flintstone car I built in the late 80’s. The car is mostly made from foam and super sculpey. The wheels, seats and dashboard were foam, while the hard body was super sculpey.

What is grea...
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SNEAK PEAK! Lee Ralph – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi… A-WING Maquette – WIP

This is a sneak peek at my ROTJ A wing studio Maquette replica. A few of these models were built by ILM before or during the fabrication of the much larger filming miniature...

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MYSTERY 10 – Jason Eaton’s 1/24 Johnston/Gawley Early Mock-Up TIE FIGHTER

My second “Star Wars Sketchbook” model is a mix of Joe Johnston art and the blueprints drawn by Steve Gawley...

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KIT ALERT!! New From SciFiModels – 30cm (~12″) ROTJ Endor Shield Generator Kit



ENDOR Shield Generator Kit

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

€130 ($143 USD)

Plus Shipping & Handling

Kit Scale: 30 cm / ~12″ Tall.

Kit Materials: This kit contain...

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1976 Death Star Tower – Restoration by Jason Eaton

This is a screen used Death Star Tower, built by ILM for the original Star Wars. I restored it for Chris Casady, who worked on the film...

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ILM Star Wars Ep7 The Force Awakens DIGITAL MODELS (images for FATHEAD) shared by Daniel Broadway

A huge thank you to Daniel Broadway for releasing these fantastic photos for us all of the Episode 7 digital models!! These are the FATHEAD images for the amazing wall art they offer...

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Star Wars Identities Display in France: SLAVE LEIA Statue photographed by Jean-Marc Deschamps & Olivier Cabourdin

Here are more fantastic photos from Jean-Marc and Olivier! Fantastic!!





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