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SOLD!! Studio Scale Viper Heaven!! ALL 4 Styled VIPERS in Studio Scale!! from Chris Dobinson


Chris Dobinson


FOUR Studio Vipers!!

All 4 Together for

$1,000 USD

Plus Shipping

This is a once in a great while offer that I don’t believe will last long! The kits alone that were pu...

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“Dagobah X-Wing” by Jesse Meyers

As seen at Wonder Fest 2010, this magnificent piece was created for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back by professional modeler and pattern maker Jesse Meyers! Using a M...

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Kuhn Global Blue Screen – Studio Scale V1 “PYRO” Cylon Raider Replica from the 1978 Series…Battlestar Galactica by R.L. Bleecker – Now in the Marc Elkins Collection

This Version 1 (V1) Cylon Raider Studio Scale replica was masterfully built and painted by R.L. Bleecker in 2006...

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