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Steve Neill 66″ USS Enterprise NCC-1701 – WIP by John Schisler

Now sold to another to complete, this 80% completed WIP of the Steve Neill 66 inch 1701 is a fantastic example of great detail and artistry thereof...

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Steve Neill – “The Ears” – A Leonard Nimoy Tribute Story

This recollection of when Steve met Leonard Nimoy for the first time is fantastic!


To visit Steve Neill’s site direct, please click the banner link above.

To contact Steve Neill direct, pleas...

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Steve Neill Begins the 66 Inch Enterprise 1701 for the Museum of Science Fiction

Famed artist Steve Neill begins his build of his own created 66 Inch TOS Enterprise 1701, which he is building for the Museum of Science Fiction in Washington DC! This is going to be one to watch!!

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Steve Neill’s Garage – HOLIDAY DEAL

A fantastic offer from famed artist Steve Neill… along with his most recent video!!



Statements made, or views expressed may NOT be the views of Modeler’s Miniatures ...

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Steve Neill’s Weekly Episode #13

Great works from famed industry artist Steve Neill!!



Statements made, or views expressed may NOT be the views of Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic

Pricing and Availabi...

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COLLECTOR ALERT!! 66 Inch Enterprise Interest Inquiry



That’s right! The Steve Neill 66 Inch Enterprise MAY come available again!

Depending on the interest received through email response, a famed Hollywood Miniature artist is consideri...

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Atomic City Studio Scale D-7 Klingon Cruiser by Steve Neill

Once again famed artist Steve Neill pieces together a fantastic museum display! I am always amazed at this artist’s work’s!







Click HERE to learn how to purchase this D-7 Kit!


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UPDATE #1: TWO 66 Inch TOS Constitution Class Starship Kit Builds by Marc Elkins

I have the extreme pleasure of showing two builds that are being done for the Collection’s of Marc Elkins and myself...

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Full Sized Star Trek Captain’s Chair – Prop Replica built by Steve Neill

Nearly everyone on this planet has seen, of heard of Star Trek...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:2 Studio Scale TOS Enterprise 1701 by Steve Neill


1966 Star Trek

Starship Enterprise 1701

HUGE at 1:2 Studio Scale

Kit: $1,750 U.S. plus shipping

Complete Build Costs START at $8,000 U.S.

To purchase an Enterprise Kit, or ...

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