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SLY FY Kits & Dioramas/Arnaud Selesneff – Revell – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – 1/2256 VENATOR

Hello to all.

Here is my last project was I realized from the 1/2256 Venator Revell kit.

I made various modifications by cutting out the original kit to integrate the upper deck and the bay in the lef...

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Arnaud Selesneff – Randy Cooper Models 27″ Blockade Runner “TANTIVE IV”

I present to you my last project realized for a collector with the Randy Cooper kit of the 27″ Tantive IV Blockade Runner...

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Arnaud Selesneff – Star Wars – Anigrand 1/2256 Imperial Star Destroyer

Here is my latest project made from the Anigrand 1/2256 Imperial Star Destroyer kit. For this project I developed a remote support which gives the vessel a hanging effect...

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Arnaud Selesneff’s – KORBANTH – Super Star Destroyer

Here is one of my last productions, the Super Star Destroyer made from the Korbanth kit. For this project I used 0...

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Arnaud Selesneff’s 1/2256 Mon Calamari over the Death Star Surface 31 inch Diorama

Here this is the last project I just finished...

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REL/FM Model Co 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie Concept X-WING by Arnaud Selesneff

Here is my latest project, made from the Richard Long (REL) patterned Frank Cerney (FM Model Co) kit. The X-WING is Ralph McQuarrie 1/24 SCALE...

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FOR SALE!! DeAgostini Studio Scale MILLENNIUM FALCON by Arnuad Selesneff


Arnaud Selesneff


DeAgostini Model Space

Studio Scale


Includes REMOTE Controlled: Full Effects Lighting & Retractable Ramp!


Plus Shipping

Shipping Amount:

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Anigrand 1/144 Rebel Transport GR-75 by Arnaud Selesneff

For this project I worked from the 1/144 Anigrand kit of the Rebel Transport GR-75...

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Arnaud Selesneff’s IMPERIAL FLEET

Here is my last project realized on request, it is about a Super Star Destroyer accompanied by its imperial fleet composed of 5 Imperial Destroyer, the KORBANTH SSD is equipped with a light-up compose...

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Rancor vs. AT-ST Diorama by Arnaud Selesneff

Here is my latest production inspired by the lithography “AT-ST vs Rancor” by Benjamin CARRE...

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