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Nigel Rostance (The Breakers Yard) – Fang of the Sun Dougram – Sandstorm in a Snow Globe

As I needed an intermission from my current project, I came across some DIY snow globe kits at a local dollar store...

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“UNDEFEATED!” MaK Diorama by Vince Pedulla

New from ModelerV artist Vince Pedulla show us his fantastic build of this MaK diorama… UNDEFEATED! I love it!



This project began the minute I set eyes on pictures of the then recently...

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“War Toad” by Modeler V Studios

I have the great pleasure of introducing Vince Pedulla from Modeler V Studios to our gallery today! Obviously Vince’s works are top notch and we are looking forward to show much much more from him...

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Shusei Nagaoka Design DELTA3 – Build by Nobu Kawaguchi of Finisher’s LTD

Check out this fantastic Shusei Nagaoka design build by Finishers LTD Nobu Kawaguchi! This design reminds me of something from my younger days…. though I cannot remember what...

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1:20 SF3D Fledermaus built by Ian Lawrence

Built from a Nitto Models kit, master modeler Ian Lawrence brought this little ship to life!


To contact Ian Lawrence for his professional services, please click the banner link below…


To visit Ian L...

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