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Full Sized Prop – Viper Mk VII from Jared Bronson (SpaceMind Modeler)

After receiving an email from Frank Winspur of MOEBIUS MODELS asking if I had access to reference of the MK VII Landing Gear, I immediately called a few people that always come through...

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1:24 Star Wars E.U. E-Wing Fighter built by Morten Moeslund

Built from the fantastic kit that he, himself mastered for production, professional modeler Morton Moeslund did this excellent build of the awesome Expanded Universe design!

For inquiries into Morten ...

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YT2400 Outrider (Work in Progress) mastered by Morten Moeslund

Another beautiful scratch built by professional modeler Morten Moeslund!

Here is what Mr. Moeslund has to say…

One of my project is the YT2400 Outrider. The Outrider is an “upgraded” Falcon (YT1300)...

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Studio Scale Millennium Falcon mastered by Morten Moeslund


This beautiful Millennium Falcon was scratch built by Morten Moeslund...

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Studio Scale B-Wing mastered by Morten Moeslund

Mastered by professional modeler Morten Moeslund, he did such a fantastic job replicating the original studio model!

For inquiries into Morten Moeslund’s services, or of this piece, please click the b...

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