UPDATE #2! TWO Kuhn Global Studio Scale TMP Enterprise 1701 BUILDS by Marc Elkins

I received and excited email, followed by a very exciting call this afternoon from one of my regular build artists… Marc Elkins. As you have read in previous updates HERE and HERE, Marc is building two studio scale TMP Enterprise Refits from a kit that TimeSlip Creations is releasing in sections. Let me tell you… not only did George Takacs of TimeSlip Creations impress me with his parts offered, but his professionalism of promised and quick delivery is fantastic! Thank you George! I received a second email from Marc with these photos you see below.. and a brief write up of the product we received today from TimeSlip Creations. Obviously this kits and these pieces are PREMIUM casts… as they look like they came directly from the original molds of the actual filming model! They are beautiful! Here is what artist Marc Elkins has to say of this fantastic, stand alone kit… that is also part of a much larger model….

Just received the SS Enterprise refit bridge module today and WOW was I impressed! it is very well sculpted and very crisp and clean, any fan of the refit would instantly notice the accuracy of details put into this piece, George and his team deserve praise for what is an outstanding piece by itself, just holding the bridge makes me drool over the rest of the ship that is yet to be completed! I would recommend this model to any fan who may be able to buy one, its worth every penny! many thanks to George for producing what many have waited years for and to Kurt for the opportunity to build this Fantastic piece of Hollywood history!
Marc Elkins

Marc… thank YOU! This is going to be a lot of FUN!! And thank you again George for making this happen… with complete professionalism and amazing parts!

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And to show how fantastic this kit actually is…

Here is a look at the REAL bridge from

The Motion Picture Studio Enterprise Refit!



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