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Profiles in History 2017 – Gary Cannavo Collection – Battlestar Galactica Studio Filming Model’s Photos

Gary no longer has this collection, but when he did own it, Profiles in History showed these amazing photos of it all during the Auction of the collection...

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GAL-356: The Original Galactica Shuttle Studio Model photographed by Jim Small

I shot these pictures of the original shuttle in 2008. It was carved from urethane foam clad in sheet plastic and detailed with hundreds of model kit parts...

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Battlestar Galactica CYLON Tanker Studio Model Photos by E. James Small

A HUGE THANK YOU to industry artist James Small for allowing Modeler Magic to show these on our pages. These photos were taken by James during the time it was in the Gary Cannavo Collection...

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The Original Battlestar Galactica Flies Again! By Charles Adams and Richard Lindstrom

The 1978 version of the Galactica has always been one of my favorite sci-fi subjects...

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Berton Pierce’s SENSE OF SCALE – A Documentary Film of Industry Model Making


This documentary is about the dying art of model making...

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Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior Blaster from the Hector Rosales Collection


One again we are able to show more of the Collection of Hector Rosales. This is a screen used Colonial Blaster he acquired from The Prop Store of London...

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Screen Used Cylon Helmet from the Hector Rosales Collection


I received a phone call last week from fellow collector, and friend Hector Rosales. He had just purchased an original series screen used Cylon Helmet from the London Prop Store! This piece is beautif...

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COLLECTOR ALERT! eFX Pre-Order Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Helmet 10-4-11



Battlestar Galactica
Colonial Viper Helmet


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October 4, 2011



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“Forefathers of the Egyptia...

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Galactica Shuttle Studio Model APOGEE Photos from Jon Billings

These beautiful photos of the Galactica Shuttle were provided by known industry modeler Jon Billings. I wish to thank Jon for making these public for all to view and learn from.

To view each ...

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“Rising Star” Composite Artworks by RIDER

Using the photos of the Studio Scale Rising Star vessel that was restored by Ed Miarecki, and now owned by Rob McFarlane, artist RIDER really made this piece come alive in space! These would make outs...

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