Paul Dilts – Bandai – STAR WARS – TWO 1/72 T-70 X-Wings RED 2 & RED 3 (With “A New Hope” Paint Schemes)

As John Cleese would say “..and now for something completely different” –

I bought these 2 Bandai (TINY) 1/72 scale T-70 kits real cheap and I had no idea what to do with them since I’m not a fan a the blue color. I decided to go back to “A New Hope” Red Squadron paint scheme, which may be in a different Galaxy far, far, away…

I took the 2 pilots, R2, R4 from my other Bandai kits lying around and used them instead of Poe/BB-8. I made Red 2 and Red 3. Why, you may ask? I don’t know. There is no lighting on these either as I just wanted to keep it simple. I spent waaaaay to much time on my MPC x-wing build.

I am sorry it’s a bit photo heavy! The lighting in my house is awful so I did a few different photo shoots around the house. I made my own custom base for display, and now I am onto my bigger kits.

This was a fun project to do while working on my other W.I.P.. Besides just a few small decals (around 8 or so) both X-Wings were all air-brushed along with weathering pastels and paint. I kind of like this look better. Call me old fashioned I guess.

Thanks for looking and enjoy!
Paul Dilts


Paul Dilts

Alberta, Canada





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