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Korbanth SUPER STAR DESTROYER built by Paul Nyul

This piece was originally shown on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on April 3, 2011… and I felt it a great build. Enough so to refresh it to the front page!

Australian artist Paul Nyul is back with t...

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GIANT 1:24 AT-AT Imperial Walker by Richard Long for the Clay Brown Collection

Built from the fantastic MSLZ22 Patterns, Richard Long is doing 3 or 4 of these beautiful, giant AT-AT’s for a 30 foot HOTH display! The snow and weathering added on this piece really makes it pop! Wh...

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SOLD!! 25 inch ESB T-47 Snowspeeder from ChrisSith21


Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back


This hand crafted piece is 25 inches in length! It has moving Air Brake Panels, Revolving rear gun, and open fuselage paneling for...

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Studio Scale Cloud Car from the Hector Rosales Collection

Built by famed modeler R.L...

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Scratch Built T-47 Snow Speeder by Chrissith21

I am honored to show another new artist’s works here on Modeler Magic today…...

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Studio Scale Empire Strikes Back AT-ST built by Jason Eaton

Built for a client back in 2010 to resemble the actual stop motion filming model used in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, famed artist Jason Eaton again shows us a build that truly lets one know w...

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Matt Craig’s 38 Inch Korbanth Super Star Destroyer

I have the great pleasure of introducing another fantastic artist… from Australia… artist Matt Craig! Showing his first piece today, he has decided to show the 38 inch Super Star Destroyer that he bui...

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CG AT-AT “In Progress” by Jas Hodge

Originally shown here back in December of 2008, just one month into this Gallery’s beginnings, CG Artist Jas Hodge has contacted me with major updates to this fantastic piece (of the renders we had sh...

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TaunTaun with Han Solo – Complete Sculpt by Antonio Carrozzini

I love introducing new talent to this Gallery…. and this is indeed one. Artist Antonio Carrozzini shows us his first piece… a completely free sculpted Taun Taun with Han Solo riding it...

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Stop Motion ESB Tauntaun Replica mastered by Scott Peery

Aside from famed artist Phil Tippet, I have only seen one other do something like this…which makes this a real treat to view! I have the great honor of introducing artist Scott Peery to this Gallery...

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