Stop Motion ESB Tauntaun Replica mastered by Scott Peery

Aside from famed artist Phil Tippet, I have only seen one other do something like this…which makes this a real treat to view! I have the great honor of introducing artist Scott Peery to this Gallery. Showing first his amazing scratch made, fully articulating stop motion puppet of the Tauntaun seen in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, this piece is shear brilliance! These types of Replicas are so completely rare that I must tell the artists who do them how much I appreciate their talents. This is a wonderful piece by artist Scott Peery. I am looking forward to showing more of his work.

To contact artist Scott Peery, please click HERE.

IMG_3188 copy

IMG_3189 copy

IMG_2701_2 copy

IMG_2849 copy

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IMG_2735 copy

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