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Tom DeSanto’s 1:24 “DeSanto” Galactica Continuation Mk IV Colonial Viper by David Martis – Blue Screen Photos by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Shown here back in 2008, then again in Sept. 2010 after I gave this to Tom DeSanto….. this is a Piece of Galactica History...

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Colonial War Machine – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

I was combing through the site recently, coming upon this oldie, but goody from 1/1/2011… and I decided to bump it to the front page.
Kurt Kuhn


The Colonial War Machine was stronger than ever, ho...

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SPECIAL OFFER!!! CYLON Helmet & Full Body Armor from KROPSERKEL



Opportunity to save on a Cylon purchase for 2015!!

1978 Battlestar Galactica

CYLON Full Body Armor



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If you’ve ever dreamed o...
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60 Inch Battlestar Galactica WIP by Bryon Ray

For this artists first showing here on Modeler Magic, Bryon Ray is crafting his own Battlestar Galactica at 60 inches in length! As Galactica builders will admit, this is one of the most daunting buil...

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43 Inch Cylon Base Star – LEGO Build by Garry King

I simply cannot get enough of this artist’s works! Garry King is a LEGO Master Builder that I am honored to show on Modeler Magic. Here is his Ron Moore CYLON Base Star…… HUGE at 43 inches! Fantastic!

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Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior Blaster from the Hector Rosales Collection


One again we are able to show more of the Collection of Hector Rosales. This is a screen used Colonial Blaster he acquired from The Prop Store of London...

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Battlestar Pegasus – Scratch Build by Paul Mather

Scratch built directly after her first appearance on the Ron Moore series, Paul Mather took his creation to a convention where actress Katee Sackoff (Starbuck – Lt...

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KIT ALERT!! Cylon Raider Lighting Kit from VooDooFX





We are proud to release the “Raider Lighting Kit” add on electronics kit, designed and fit for Moebius Models Cylon Raider...

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Revell GALACTICA Re-Issue from the Chris Borges-Silva Collection

I have the pleasure of introducing another Collector to our Gallery…. Chris Borges-Silva! Showing first is his Galactica build by Wayne Hough!

This is a Revell 1997 “re-issue” of the classic Battlesta...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:1000 BSG Luxury Liner from TimeSlip Creations




BSG Luxury Liner

*Kit Scale: 1/1000       Luxury_Liner_01
*Kit Materials: Resin
*Kit Price: $65.00
*Shipping Amount:$6.95
*Kit Availability Date: Now
*Payment Methods: PayPal
*Kit Descrip...

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