43 Inch Cylon Base Star – LEGO Build by Garry King

I simply cannot get enough of this artist’s works! Garry King is a LEGO Master Builder that I am honored to show on Modeler Magic. Here is his Ron Moore CYLON Base Star…… HUGE at 43 inches! Fantastic!

The Cylons have returned with a awesome come back and a sleeker vessel compared to my first attempt. I have given the Cylons a raw deal by concentrating on the colonial fleet so this build has been on my mind for some time. I’ve also been acquiring Lego elements for some time and these parts added a special touch to it’s overall appearance. I have modified some areas to make it stream lined and more rounded in appearance from the original design. As the radial arms were being constructed it became evident that they had to be solid Lego to add strength and prevent them from sagging. The center core is designed to rotate as did my first Re-imaged Basestar.



1100mm long x 660mm width x 190mm high… 6.08 kilograms
43.3 inches long x 26 inches x 7.5 inches high … 13.4 pounds


Garry King

002 new baseship

003 new baseship

004 new baseship

005 new baseship

006 new baseship

007 new baseship

008 new baseship

009 new baseship

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