Studio Scale TOS Cylon Raider by Douglas Shortes

I haven’t seen one of these Studio Model Cylon Raiders done in some time….. and THIS one of beautiful! Built from the outstanding kit made by MSLZ22 Models (now out of production) professional artist Doug Shortes really brought this piece to life! It looks like a piece direct from APOGEE back in the day! From the comment below… I see I am not alone in that thought! Fantastic work!

This is what artist Douglas Shortes has to say of this wonderful piece…

Here are some pictures of the studio scale Cylon Raider I finished a few weeks ago.  This is the Mike Salzo V2 kit with some additional modifications to make it as accurate as possible.

My aim with this was to duplicate the weathering and patina of a used filming model.  The weathering patterns match a specific filming model, smudge for smudge, as closely as possible using chalk pastels.  I also used real Chartpak graphic tape for the insignias to duplicate the filming models.

I was flattered by Mike Niejalke’s (LastBattlestar) comment:“It even has that ‘handled by grubby, long-haired, bearded Apogee stage hand’ look about it. I can sense the smell of vintage model kits, paint, glue, spilt beer and stale ciggie butts just looking at it.”

Thanks and be well.

Douglas Shortes

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