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2 HUGE Mega Scale (2X Studio Scale) Imperial AT-AT’s by Marc Elkins for the Modeler Magic Collection

We established the term “Super Scale” with the amazing Lasse Henning 1:18 Vader X-1 TIE Fighter...

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GIANT 1:24 AT-AT Imperial Walker by Richard Long for the Clay Brown Collection

Built from the fantastic MSLZ22 Patterns, Richard Long is doing 3 or 4 of these beautiful, giant AT-AT’s for a 30 foot HOTH display! The snow and weathering added on this piece really makes it pop! Wh...

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31 Inch Viper by Jason Eaton now in the Collection of Hector Rosales


We all know not very many of these 31 inch Vipers exist...

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SOLD!! HUGE at 31 inches!! 1:12 Colonial Viper by Jason Eaton





$2,500 U.S.

Plus Custom Crating and Freight Shipping.

31 inches HUGE at 1:12 Scale!!

Built by famed Artist


Sitting at approximately 20 pounds,...

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Studio Scale TOS Cylon Raider by Douglas Shortes

I haven’t seen one of these Studio Model Cylon Raiders done in some time…....

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NEW UPDATE! 1:24 BSG Antique Viper Kit patterned by Jason Eaton

I received an email a few days ago from professional artist Jason Eaton with some fantastic news! This kit master is now completed and being sent to Mike Salzo of MSLZ22 Models to be cast and released...

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