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UPDATE 1!! Battlestar ATLANTIA Presidential Shuttle – WIP by Marc Elkins

The beautiful work on the Atlantia Shuttle continues with professional artist Marc Elkins at the helm! Today you can see what he has done with the interior...

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SOLD!! Dean Dymerski Painted Master Replicas Millennium Falcon Prototype


Master Replicas

Studio Scale


Original Prototype Painted By


$5,000 or BEST OFFER

Plus Shipping and Insurance



Click HERE to Contact Seller...

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Studio Scale Cloud Car from the Hector Rosales Collection

Built by famed modeler R.L...

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MPC Millennium Falcon by Marc Elkins

Who says the old MPC Falcon kit can’t look fantastic? Actually… I did until I began viewing the many fantastic builds these professional artists have made with them...

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Studio Scale A-Wing from the Hector Rosales Collection

Built by artist Michael Provenzano, then photographed by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global) of Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic, this fantastic replica now resides in the collection of Mr...

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Battlestar ATLANTIA Presidential Shuttle – WIP by Marc Elkins

Built from the old, studio scale SMT kit that world known modeler Alfred Wong mastered, this piece is being made into a shuttle we have never seen! After considering many different options, p...

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Jim Creveling Battlestar Galactica Replica NOW in the Michael Plante Collection

Famed artist Jim Creveling…...

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TITANTIC Shipwreck diorama by Marc Elkins

This piece is fantastic! Not only did Marc do the front hull wreckage that we are all usually view in museum settings, but he also included the rear hull as it actually sits on ocean floor of...

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Slave One by Marc Elkins

The Fine Molds kit if the infamous SLAVE ONE is noted as being the best available kit of that sip ever produced to date...

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A 1:350 Klingon Force! Models built by Marc Elkins inthe Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

This beautiful  set of models in 1:350 scale is quite impressive...

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