KIT ALERT! New from Tony Hardy – Lost in Space J2 CRASH SITE Diorama Kit!


Memphis, TN.



J2 Crash Site Diorama Kit

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$60 USD includes Shipping within the USA

$70 USD includes Shipping outside of the USA


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Staples and Vine Ltd. / Sera Staples – Gambody – STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back – PROJECT SLAVE 1 – 3D Printed Studio Scale SLAVE ONE – Work in Progress!

The 3D printed studio scale SLAVE ONE build is going well and I am currently working on the cockpit which is entirely scratch built...

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The Third Models / Mark Myers – Polar Lights – Star Trek: The Motion Picture – 1/350 USS Enterprise REFIT

I wanted to share these images of my 1/350 Enterprise Refit build up. I painted/lit and detailed the build to reflect the Enterprise as seen in Star Trek the Motion Picture.

  • The bridge is a replaceme...
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Stash of Sprues / Kevin Hoppert – STAR WARS: ROTJ – Death Star II Port Attack (1-144 Cross-Section) 2008-2013 & 2021 (Work-In-Progress)

The Death Star II Port Attack (Cross-Section) began life as a discarded metal store rack. The cross-section tunnel and lighting were completed between 2008 and 2010...

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Laurent Perini – Bandai – 1/144 Scratch & Bash – Vessel with GUNDAM Diorama!

Here is the last little diorama I have completed…. the vessel is a Kit Bash, while the pod is scratch build (plastic card and recycled part)...

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R.L. Bleecker (2008) – MSLZ22 Models – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – Four Studio Scale COLONIAL VIPERS – Built in 2008 for the Kuhn Global Collection

These Colonial Vipers WIP’s were originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on February 27, 2009 and is now updated to today’s showing standard! Built by artist R.L...

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Black Star Model Shop / Eric Eberle – 3D Printed from the Chris Bibby Digital Model Build! STAR WARS: ROTJ 27″ B-Wing

This B-Wing by artist Eric Eberle is mostly PLA in the 3D Print he painted from the digital model build by artist Chris Bibby, whose STL files Eric utilized to make this beautiful piece...

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JP ModelWorks / Jeff Pollizzotto – Scratch Built – STAR TREK – 25″ (with Arms Attached) Federation Work Shuttle & Diorama COMPLETED!

The completed “Star Trek Federation Work Shuttle” project. Started in October of 2020, it’s been quite a ride. A most challenging but fun project...

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Stash of Sprues / Kevin Hoppert (2013) – Sovereign Replicas / Richard Long – STAR WARS – Ralph McQuarrie CONCEPT – 1/24 X-Wing

This was a Studio-Scale-ish X-Wing Concept kit from the long “Out of Production” Sovereign Replicas stock. The kit was based on the McQuarrie concept drawings...

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The Brian Wooldridge Collection!!

It has been months since I actually received these wonderful photos from Brian, showing his amazing Collection! They had been buried in a file that I overlooked, and I offer my humble apology...

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