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District 9 – 1:48 scale Alien Dropship

275,00€ + Shipping based on location



*First Name: César

*Last Name: Villar Toro

*Company Name (if applicable): TOROMODELSTUDIO

*CONTACT E-Mail Address:

*Country: Spain

*Company Web Site URL (if applicable): César Villar Toro


*Kit Name: District 9 – Alien Dropship

*Kit Producer: Toromodelstudio

*Kit Scale: 1/48

*Kit Materials: polyurethane resin

*Number of Pieces: 119

*Kit Price 275,00€

*Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location
*Shipping Restrictions (Your Country Only or Worldwide): Worldwide
*Kit Availability Date: Approximately in 3 months, in the absence of finishing the instruction manual, but it is already possible to reserve your unit.
*Payment Methods (PayPal, Credit Card, Check, Money Order): Paypal

*PayPal E-Mail Address (if different from CONTACT email stated above):

*Kit Description:

District 9 was the successful debut in 2009 of its director, Neill Blomkamp, who, sponsored by Peter Jackson and with a small budget of $30 million USD, achieved important nominations such as the Oscar for best film, adapted screenplay, editing and, of course, visual effects. Formatted in a semi-documentary mode, the film deals with the arrival of a large alien ship in the city of Johannesburg (South Africa). The aliens, with refugee status, are sent to “District 9”, which becomes a ghetto where they survive as best they can. The private company MNU is in charge of managing everything related to these visitors, but it is only interested in its technology for military use.

Being a big  fan of this fantastic movie, the alien technology and art direction are exceptional. In it, for a few seconds, we get quick glimpses of the “Alien dropship”, but it’s not until the purchase of the book “The art of District 9”, where I found a couple of illustrations of the ship and I started to fall in love with its unique fantastical styling.

Created by concept designer Greg Broadmore, polished by other production artists, and finished off by Weta Digital (remember, it’s a team effort), the final result resembles that of an insect, which along with its tricolor camouflage and heavy wear, make a very attractive and exciting design, resulting in a visual design language that is both alien and earthly.

To make my Alien dropship model a reality, I relied on the orthographic plans and showreels of the original 3D model (unfortunately no physical miniatures were used in the production), achieving an exact and meticulous reproduction close to 95% of the original, requiring a time investment of more than 2 years of work to sculpt, cast and quality assure the parts.

The masters, like the copies, are completely 100% handmade, and at no time in the process were any parts created in CAD or parts 3D printed. This kit is purely hand crafted with precision, care and commitment to quality and excellence.

The kit is a 1:48 scale reproduction (37 centimeters long/14.5 inches), made up of 119 resin pieces, as well as others that complement the assembly.

All my kits are limited edition, and as always, the production process has been taken with extreme care, making copies with top quality Smooth-On* resin, combined with pressure tanks to minimize possible bubbles. All the molds created are double-sided, treated with a vacuum chamber, and large sprues and mold lines have been avoided as far as possible. Included in the kit is a complete and extensive PDF manual for proper construction and painting. Also included is a water-based decal sheet printed on Bare-metal brand paper.

For those who are interested, please contact me at the following email address:

*Due to lack of Smooth-On stock, some pieces may be cast with other brand resins of equal quality.

Hello to all lovers of this wonderful hobby

I want to show everyone my next work from one of my favorite movies, District 9. It’s the Alien Dropship at 1:48 scale, and it’s made of polyurethane resin (the kit will be released soon and will be announced here, duly, with all data). In the meantime, I leave you some photos of the “zero copy”, fully assembled and painted. I hope you like this beautiful design.

A cordial greeting to all from Spain





César Villar Toro

Ibiza, España (SPAIN)


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