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POTA Icarus with Interior by Lou Dalmaso

This fantastic build (from the Crows Nest Model Kit “FOUND HERE“) is by the artist/kit maker known as Aztek Dummy… or better yet… Mr. Lou Dalmaso! Fantastic job Lou!!

Recently, I had the good fortune ...

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COMING SOON! POTA Icarus Kit from Crow’s Nest Models


Planet of the Apes



Parts Printed from Computer Files for Perfection!

To visit the Crow’s Nest Models site direct, please click the banner link above.

To contact Drew Huffman dire...

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Berton Pierce’s SENSE OF SCALE – A Documentary Film of Industry Model Making


This documentary is about the dying art of model making...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:72 POTA ICARUS from Fantastic Plastic LLC




Icarus “Full Ship”

*Kit Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models LLC Icarus-Main

*Kit Scale: 1:72

*Kit Materials: Resin

*Number of Pieces: 23

*Kit Price: $125.00

*Shipping Amount: $10...

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COMING SOON!! Ian Blaza’s – Spaceships of Science Fiction Bookazine!

Magazine Designer Ian Blaza, and Ian Allan Publishing are producing a new publication… Spaceships of Science Fiction! This publication looks fantastic as you can see for yourself with the examples he ...

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Planet of the Apes “Sinking Icarus” by Thomas Militello

Plate of the Apes is one of my all time favorite films. Thomas captured the moment of no for the crew of the U.S. Space Capsule… later named the ICARUS by industry artist Jim Key...

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Introducing Gemini Model Build-Up Studios

Once again i have the great pleasure of introducing another professional Model Making Service to this Gallery…...

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~2 Foot POTA ICARUS Scratch Built by Stuart Williamson for Peter Noble

This is old news to some of you, however, in viewing this build again on the Professional Modeling Board Resin Illuminati, I simply had to show it on Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic as well...

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E.A. 63 by Gary Wallace

This beautiful model is again from artist Gary Wallace! I just love these pieces he is doing! It really has sparked some great memories of my beginnings in this hobby as a child, watching the Anime’ c...

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