George Day… Receives & Praises the 10 Inch Invaders Saucer by Mike Makkreel

This photo states it all!

Invaders Custom built model..
I am in my late 50’s, and I grew up with the sci-fi movies of that era and before. My favorites were always the space movies: (Day the Earth Stood Still, This Island Earth, Forbidden Planet). I never outgrew my penchant for these movies. Television also had its impact. Just within the past few years, I started getting into model collecting. I am from the day when you bought a plastic kit and Testor paints and added decals. I started going online-particularly U-Tube, and discovered the market of sight and sound models with all the bells and whistles. This is where I first encountered the precision models of Mike Makkreel back in December 2016.

I had seen his U-Tube video showing his workmanship on building a “The Invaders” saucer from the 160’s television show. This led me to his website, where I was lucky enough to get Mike to accept my request to build one of these saucers for me. Mike was right up front about the lengthy time to build one, and explained all the details on the model. I figured that I would just have to wait, while he worked the model to completion. I quickly learned that Mike was dedicated to keeping me up to date on a regular basis, while he was building my model. Not only does he send videos on the different stages of the build, be we corresponded all the time. As he built my model, he incorporated improvements into it over the previous models he had completed.

Mike crafted the saucer down to minute specifications to have it resemble the original saucer in the television show as close as possible to include having the chaser (revolving lights) rotate just like they did in the series. We made several changes over the course of the build to include a view screen from the control room of the saucer including lights and crew member(s). The base plate is a phenomenal piece of work, where his electrical skills come into play. The power source along with sound effects and saucer controls are concealed underneath the base, giving the operator the ability to control the model with unseen wires. The station is constructed with toggle switches, buttons, and lighting effects that reflect an alien atmosphere in appearance as well.

Mike uses many skills to create unique models, custom built to your request(s). I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Makkreel to anyone who is serious in collecting sci-fi models. He has the skills to create just about any type of model that you may want-whether it is from a kit or not.

“I feel like I own a model used in the original television show.”

George Day.
A very satisfied customer, and a dedicated fan to the talents and skills of Mike Makkreel.


George Day


Mike Makkreel

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