SOLD!! INVADERS 7 Inch Saucer Diorama #2 by Mike Makkreel


Mike Makkreel



$1,200 USD

Plus Shipping

Here a few photos for the 7″ Invader Ship. I have made two like it… One of which has sold.

Here the break down as to the building of the model…

I have corrected the scale of the upper saucer and added two extra window ports, making them thinner, and the spaces smaller. Re scaling the main window as well, making that smaller too and adding a space between the two… I have added a control room with three men inside , with blinking lights on the wall, and invaders decal kit, for the invaders interior doors.

Engine port is re scaled like the studio model, main engine vent edge lip is longer.. and a hatch on the bottom that will glow from the control room.. you can look up and see the control room.

The lights are the big deal here, and the sounds. Lights will pulse on the green pods so you can change the green pods to be steady, or pulsing mode,” like in the show”. This can be adjusted by the owner, changing the rate. ( The control room is hooked up to this switch, so the interior can pulse and say steady as well.

Also the chaser lights is switched, The second switch allows you to, turn off the chaser, and only keep the main engine light on in pulse mode ( this can be adjusted by the owner as well, changing the rate.)
Flip the switch back over the other way and both will turn on together.

There is a main switch, that shut everything off, and is indicated by the BUDS DINER sign in a warm white light. Another switch for the trees to simulate the moon light, and to give shadow. Also on the same switch is the Galaxy Fork Car, Full Head Light, and tail light with fiber optics inside. SOUND CARD ( 5 sounds)
Then Four other push buttons, two on each side. Left side is two custom Saucer sounds, ( sitting and taking off. These are custom mixed and run for 45 sec to 60 secs. The right side are all the TV theme jiggles. 1) The Invaders Opener, and Music, 2)” The eerie alien Theme… which run for 60, to 90 secs… very cool.

A small surprise, you can push down on the Fords “Trunk” and you will here David Vincent talking ( QUOTING: There was this light, a kind of glow…. IT CAME DOWN OVER HERE !!! with a short music ender..) The sound is upgrade as well, with MP3 speaker, unlike the cheap speaker the come with the sound card board. Upgrade power source for the Card, AA batteries

Real rocks, and high grade look trees, grass and weeds and logs along the back of the base.. ( Plus Road close sign on the ground ) Also a custom made Invaders Logo for the model, in green. A top cover for the Ford..which can be removed..

This is the last 7″ display all be building, and I have made the second for myself at the same time. So after this one is gone, I am done,, and will be putting my efforts into the 10″ Ships, I am building five limited edited ships in wood, and the other will all be cast in Resin at a later date.

One of these five ship will be the master mold the resin version… hope to here from you..

Mike Makkreel



Invaders 099

Of Note: The digital artist Mike utilized the works of is Ralph Maximillian


Mike Makkreel

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