KIT ALERT! 1:48 (10 Inch!!) Invaders Flying Saucer!! By Mike Makkreel (2023 Update)




Kit: $350 USD Plus Shipping

Fully Built: $3000 USD Plus Shipping

Hello Invaders Fans
My name is Mike Makkreel, I am a Model Builder and a member of Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic. I have built many models in my day and I had allot of fun doing it. Some models that stand out are the the Randy Cooper Shuttle Craft, the Monsters in Motion Nomad Probes from Star Trek, and of course my AMT bridge. I am now working on the Guardian Time Portal from Star Trek: The City Of The Edge Of Forever. I will be showing this soon..

” Like you” , The Invaders Show and Saucer Model has always been a real interest of mine. I was always very disappointed in the 7″ Models size in 1:72. It really was not that fun of a kit to work with, because of its size. This model has been stamped out a sold for years and re-issued again & again by Atlantis. The model did have some scale size issues with the window being too large, and the lid vents were not correct either, this was never corrected in the re-issue and i don’t no why,” maybe not cost effective to change the mold. One thing I like to say is, “This kit has never been made larger”, always that small 1:72 size. I am surprised a larger one hasn’t been issued and put out there for the Invaders fans. Randy Cooper, came out with a Galileo 7 Shuttle Craft that rocked the trek world, “making the Shuttle AMT kit look like a toy”. Polar Lights did on the 1:350 scale Enterprise as well.

I finally decided to put some of my time into a model again and decided to build a full 10″ 1:48 scale Invaders Saucer, from the TV Show ” The Invaders UFO” with more details then ever before, and a light package as studio accurate like in the TV show.

Also this ship will have a control knob for the chaser speed in the control box. By adding a few more switches to the replica prop box just the model a few more options of detail to make this ship “Studio perfect.. ” and also NEW 5mm LEDS.. that can be changed from Green to Blue and Aqua Marine, on a NEW double switch to control ( steady or fading mode like before)

This is very cool option, based on the fact that most fans can’t come together on the colors of which color the ship should have… I know that it’s green. For in the 1st episode they were blue or aqua and later changed to green based on Blue sky post production effects filming in the 60s..

Also a control room I build inside the ships is now with NEW blinking micro leds,, NO Fiber Optic. The lights are selected for flash mode by the effects board inside the ship, that’s set by the builder to a invaders type flashing mode… Three new lights added to the bottom of the ship, two fiber optic flashing blue lights, and a Micro led for the weapons dome near the back of the ship.

Plus I have change the design on the ship somewhat, for servicing the inside chaser… Now if the ship chaser has a problem, the top section of the ship only needs to be removed for repair or replace it, the first three wood ships, were nor service friendly and were basically sealed…

I have given the Saucer and its under side, legs more details and scale, by adding to it and not taking away from the ship in anyway.

The top saucer vents are in the right scale, not like the Aurora/Atlantis version with eight space slits that are too thick along the top. This ship has ten, and smaller thinner spaces in between like the studio saucer in the TV Show. The Custom Studio accurate rotating chaser is the newest piece just added to the model lighting kit, making it the only large and best Invader saucer out there today.

The engine vent rim on the bottom is longer as in the studio model, with a real nice engine core in light red/yellow. The bottom that has more details and the correct scale in how far the clear domes are nicely resisted into the ships body. I have also added a phaser cannon tab to the underside, grid lines in the leg under section, and more.

The legs are made in a tapered larger thickness,( from thin to thick to the base.) as seen on the show, and steel leg pins on the bottom. The model is heavy and strong, because each leg pins hold the models legs in place…

Optional casts in legs can be purchased, and single ladder leg (Studio) and a double ladder leg (Aurora version). Also with the new improved saucer bottom that I have just completed for the kit, The five legs can be made to fit up into the body of the ship, if someone wants to build it hovering. (you will need to file them for a nice fit.. This model does not have and interior, but a single control room can be built, and filing out the window.. ( seen in my video).

The ship can be painted gray like the studio ship, or in a blue silver hue. The ship was never silver as the ship should not be, the studio ship was gray in color in the studio. The lights gave the ship a blue hue when photographed. Some pictures of the UFO, show the ship looking blueish, but it was always a light flat gray. I have added a new custom soft metallic Blue as an option color for buyers when I do custom builds for people. Gray or blue,” they both look nice”…

It will have a 9 volt full lighting kit, for $290.00,( break down below)
Includes green defused lights,( or Blue is optional ) New large clear domes for the bottom in the 1:48 scale size. Blue lights were only seen in episode one and later changed to green because they realized having the ship photographed in blue skies would cause production problems. So green on the ship would need to be changed Quoted by Larry Cohen.

I have a real nice engine core a convex shape to the lens with a textured graded surface. The light disc under the lens has 40 led 3mm lights in 9 volts that blast a bright light into the red lens. I even added the grid pattern behind the lens to give your more depth and detail to the light, giving the model a powerful classic look. I have built a high end chaser lights for the top that you can’t buy anywhere else. I build them myself ( fifty 7mm square led/light in cool white) A studio accurate chaser, with speed control.

Building a studio effects chaser was a must for this kit you can’t buy anywhere else. I wanted to make the light chaser its crowning piece. Most chasers you buy for the 1:72 scale ship, are just one spinning 3mm led, of eight leds inside eight vents in total, “this is incorrect to the accuracy of the classic effect”. The effect is ( five leds per vent inside TEN VENTS for a total 50 leds inside the saucer.. see video..

I build these myself in a cool white), I tried it with warm white it was completely wrong, based on the prototype
A studio accurate chaser, with speed control rotation). all be placing the speed control on the base…

You can buy just the basic lighting kit without the chaser, or with a chaser. I have two types to pick from, standard chaser or a studio chaser.,( come with a CD for instructions and tips..) and you can always email me for any questions…

Model Kit in Resin $350.00
Lighting kit (no chaser) 150.00
Standard Chaser $160.00
Studio Chaser $260.00
Shipping $65.00

All the parts you need to build your stand for the model. Optional $180.00,, comes with resin cast Invader prop switch boxes. round switches, and toggles, light gels covers, color plastic film, sound card (loaded saucer effects), AAA battery holder for sound card unit, speaker, logo of the Invaders in gold steel, 6 figures….

If you like me to build a Saucer for you, here are some things I like to say.. I am very happy with my custom builds I’ve done in the past, and have had many happy customers. In the last year, Every ship I build is custom, and each one I build is always a special build for me… have made a few changes on every build I do, making small improvements as I go. All the new upgrades are complete and I am casting the kit now.. Kurt Kuhn at Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic is very happy with the build, and has been super in helping me get the word out on this new kit. I may later re cast the ships body one more time to added the control room, and improve the model once again… The body has the right angle, and the scale is accurate and the details are nice.

The BASE : I have some real nice ideas for this include an Invaders LOGO “Name Plate” to go along with the base. (The logo sells on it own for $40.00us ) Replica prop switch boxes I build into the base as switch boxes..Two Invader mini replica prop switch boxes. that really make the model stand look great. The sound card I use is loaded with effects and music, , loud high end mini speaker with booster, that light up the one replica prop box as the sound comes out of the speaker. The stand for the model comes with, fader control effects, housed under the stand, as well as main engine core control and green pods light control under the stand. All controlled from the Replica prop switch boxes.

It really is a beauty so far and PART# 13, 14,& 15 of the 10″ Invaders build will give you a chance to see it built… Here is Part #15



If you have not read the History on the ship by: Tom Strong, check it out on Modelers by clicking HERE!

I am not a big company or anything, just a modeling fan who builds models like you who just wanted to share my creation by sell it for a short time. This is a garage kit , and not a snap together kit, and it requires sanding and filing and skills. This is a kit for the most avid fan of the invaders. Now you can buy one.

Pre-built Model Kit and base
This deluxe build has two control panels Invaders prop replications with blinking lights and switching control locations, figures, sound card effects. This 10″ Invaders saucer can be fully built with a lighting kit in resin for $3000.00 ( control room optional $300.00 ) This can be seen in the video on the page at Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic Here:

There is a waiting list on Just kit builds and commission builds…..
( Comes with a CD for instructions and tips..) and you can always email me for any questions…
Email me at, and I can tell you about how to send your deposit.

As I will not be building these forever, my custom builds also come with a unique numbered plate, identifying it as it’s own specific build!

Build it yourself, or have me build one for you . “Don’t buy the little ship,” buy the Big Ship 1:48 scale.
Contact me about this UFO, at the HOME OF THE BIG SAUCER…this will be the very 1st 1/48 scale Invaders Ship ever since 1967,

Mike Makkreel


Mike Makkreel

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