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SOLD!! NOMAD by Mike Makkreel


Mike Makkreel




$900 USD
Plus Shipping

Only ONE Remaining!!!

Error 011

The 2nd video show the nomad with a high pitch voice… and a better light control flash unit… 

No model ha...

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Frankenstein – Various Projects by Mike Makkreel

I must admit to being a old school horror show fan! Artist Mike Makkreel has captured the essence of this creature perfectly! I love it!


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Invaders Saucer by Mike Makkreel

Who doesn’t remember this… the Invaders saucer! This diorama is beautiful by artist Mike Makkreel! He even added the fantastic sound effects!

A 003

A 004

A 005

A 010

A 001

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Shuttlecraft Galileo by Mike Makkreel

Artist Mike Makkreel has returned with this magnificent miniature of the Shuttlecraft Galileo! Built from the Randy Cooper kit…. this piece is magical with lighting!! Beautiful!!

Shuttle 011

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AMT Enterprise Bridge WIP by Mike Makkreel

The old AMT Enterprise Bridge Kit! I remember mine well. So well in fact that I remember how badly my own turned out! This build will not be so...

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