Mystery 10 – Jason Eaton’s Movie Miniatures RESTORATION: ILM’s Master Pattern of the PYRO X-Wing

Jason Eaton’s work in the industry, as well as the private sector, has been amazing! Like many of us, he too was a Star Wars fan when he was young, and today he is involved with the RESTORATION work of several miniatures made for the films we all grew up admiring! How fantastic is that?!! Jason’s world-class level artistry has allowed him to be intertwined with the models that originally inspired him to become an artist. Like this ILM Master Pattern of the PYRO X-Wing he restored….. wow! I remember viewing photos of this fuselage pattern broken down into it’s right and left parts so many years ago, and here it is! You can READ THE BACK-STORY of this fantastic restoration on Jason’s MYSTERY 10 site, just as you can see the other restoration models he has done. Just click the SEE MORE button below to do so! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND VIEWING HIS SITE, and all the amazing goodies there!

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Jason Eaton

Jason Eaton is a model builder who has spent working with Star Wars license holders including Master Replicas, EFX, and Sideshow, creating paint masters and prototypes for many of the studio scale and scaled props, ships, and characters seen in the Star Wars films, and is honored to continue the work in this new era of Star Wars subjects. He has also performed this service for many other licenses and license holders such as Palisades Toys, Quantum Mechanix, Hollywood Collectibles Group, and Chronicle Collectibles, as well as the occasional private commission work for various private clients. His passion and dedication has sent him to the Skywalker Ranch archives, Tokyo Japan, and many other places, always striving to better the hobby and the work. He’s more of a builder and less of a collector, so sometimes his personal work will “leave the nest” to make way for the next hare-brained project! He also thinks speaking in the third person is weird.




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