1:18 Invader class, Medium Anti-Grav Assault Tank (MAGAT) by Chad Crafts

Artist Chad Crafts is back with another fantastic creation for his magnificent storyline!

Scratchbuilt using various parts, styrene, Aves Fixit, and LED’s for interior/exterior lighting effects. Paint and weathered. Light effects: headlights; driver and gunner section consoles;; engine vents; Main cannon sensor array uses micro LED and flicker LED.

The alien invaders employed vast array of military hardware. Of it, the MAGAT was most widely deployed medium tank on Earth. Formed the spearhead of the invasion; a role reserved for the heavy siege tanks and MBT’s. But, against “primitive” human weaponry, alien leadership considered MAGAT’s effective to lead waves of targeted, global attacks. Traditionally, used in security enforcement and patrol operations in occupied territories. They were used just as often in counter insurgency operations.
It was light armored, 2 operators, fast (speeds up to 150 mph), highly maneuverable, armed with high powered plasma cannon, and a rapid fire anti-personnel/aircraft gun. Its counter measure system employed sensors -tied to the nav computer- which detects incoming. large, projectiles and forces extreme, evasive maneuvers (aided with side booster)s.

Unique to the MAGAT, the anti-grav and its smaller size gave it ability to execute high/low altitude air drops from transports.




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