1:18 Invader Class Fighter, Planetary – Dual Role Attack Craft (P-DRAC) – WIP by Chad Crafts

Artist Chad Crafts has a fantastically creative mind! His developing Sci Fi storyline gives him great direction to design his own fighting craft… like this one… the Invader Class Fighter! This design is one of the most unique scratch and bashed models I have seen! His use of different Star Trek kits alone in creating this is fantastic! Nicely done!


One of the most utilized alien fighters during the invasion of Earth were, P-DRAC’s. They were small but powerful, fast, extremely maneuverable, single seat fighter. Their small size allowed invader aerial carriers to maintain large inventory of these class fighters.

Put aside the P-DRAC’s small size they packed a devastating punch. Armed with dual rapid fire cannons and high energy, projectile weapon system mounted near the port/starboard wings. The fighter was capable of destroying airborne and ground based targets. They outmatched, outgunned and outpaced human fighters.

However, they were not invincible. The P-DRACS lacked shields and the standard armor was not impenetrable. When struck by a missile or high caliber machine gun round, they were knocked out of the sky.

As war dragged into post invasion phase, DRAC’s conducted air patrols over occupied territories, hit and run strikes outside occupied territory, and provided air support to invader ground forces.









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