COMPLETED!! 1:18 Invader class; Planetary – Dual Role Attack Craft (P-DRAC) by Chad Crafts

This beautiful scratch and bash is finally complete by the hands of artist Chad Crafts!


Back story:

The alien invasion of earth began with descent of large, aerial carriers around the globe. These carriers remained well out of range of many military’s advanced anti-air defense systems. They transport hundreds of various fighter type craft. One of the most utilized fighters were P-DRAC’s; small but powerful, fast, agile, single seat fighters.

Their small size allowed invader carriers to maintain large inventories of P-DRAC’s. Some compared their size to that of a marine LAV-25’s. Swarms of DRAC’s launched waves of attacks around the globe. Their main mission in the onset of the invasion: destroy earth military defenses. Secondary, to provide support to the larger AR-VREX craft (bomber class craft) that targeted major population centers. DRAC’s (as commonly known) were armed with dual rapid fire cannons and proton missiles capable of destroying airborne and ground based targets. World Air and Naval forces were outmatched, outgunned and outpaced by these small fighters. US fighter pilots that survived engagements recalled that the DRAC’s size, speed and sharp maneuvers made it difficult to acquire and maintain a weapons lock.

Unlike many alien sci-fi movies. DRAC’s did not have shields and the armor was not impenetrable. When hit by a missile or high caliber machine gun round, DRAC’s were easily knocked out of the sky. Unfortunately, due to the large number of invader fighter craft in the onset of the invasion, global air and naval forces were paralyzed in matter of days. US military ordered remaining air fleet grounded in safe zones well outside occupied territory.

As the war dragged into post invasion phase. DRAC’s conducted air superiority patrols, hit and run operations, or provided air cover to invader ground forces and security forces in occupied zones. DRAC’s had become vulnerable to surface-to-air missile attacks when they hovered feet above the ground or high in the air when performing recon missions.

US military and militia savored the opportunity to shoot down these fighters. Many DRAC’s were shot down during security patrols near the Appalachians far from their central base of operations. The Appalachian mountain range had become a source of irritation to the invader leadership and to P-DRAC pilots.


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