1:18 Resistance Fighter GUN TRUCK – Scratch & Bash by Chad Crafts

Today we introduce an aspiring new artist, who also is an aspiring writer as well! Mr. Chad Crafts shows here today what he created that is based on his story of an Alien invasion of Earth! I find the truck design quite menacing…. and very interesting with it’s mounted weaponry. Nicely done!

Here is Chad’s brief story description…

The invasion was limited in scale and was launched by an alien expeditionary force. The main invasion force was still far from Earth and was mired with logistical concerns as well as leadership debating size of main invasion force for a primitive planet.  The delay forced alien expeditionary force to spread there units out around the globe.

The aliens made up for lack of manpower with superior armor, firepower, and air/space superiority. Aiding the invaders agenda, the PRC surrendered and sided with aliens. It allowed aliens to focus forces where needed.

Period: post invasion, Earth. Southeastern United States. From North Carolina to northern Florida, portions of Mississippi and Alabama considered occupied territories by an unknown alien force. They controlled other regions of US. Northern California, southern Texas, and some plain states were under tight control by alien forces. The US military maintained a limited command and control infrastructure in areas where alien forces had limited or no presence.

Behind enemy lines, state militias and fragmented regular military units waged war. Most intense fighting took place in the south with the heaviest fighting in North Carolina and Georgia. Defensive lines were established along Virginia/North Carolina to prevent the advance of alien forces north and protect DC. Thanks to militia units the advance stalled as invaders coped with resistance.

The militias used whatever was at their disposal: hardware, weapons, gear, and knowledge (engineers who could reverse engineer alien weaponry, etc). Just depends how fortunate your group was.

Guntrucks frequently used in hit and run operations against alien infantry, bases, and could take out couple armor pieces depending on the Guntruck armament. Defense and rescue was also big role. Many trucks, tanks, etc., were destroyed in defensive operations against alien surprise attacks.

This truck was prized due to the armament: uparmored, quad 50 with two twin anti armor missile launchers, top/side mounted .50 cal machine guns, and automatic grenade launcher. The Guntruck, nicknamed “Angel of Death” belonged to a North Carolina unit (designated as 3rd NC Raleigh Raiders) which had access to ammunition and fuel stockpiles. They -like other militia and military units- evaded capture by moving forces through the Appalachians.

The “Angel of Death” Guntruck earned it’s name in multiple engagements. Seeing combat during the long sieges of Atlanta, Durham, Raleigh and number of skirmishes with alien infantry, armor and mecha.

Chad Crafts

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