1:18 US Army AR-TAV, M588 APC by Chad Crafts

Here is another fantastic creation by artist Chad Crafts! I love the details!

The following is based on 1:20 Aliens USCM APC changed and adapted to my verse as an US Army APC.

1:18 US Army AR-TAV, M588 APC. Based off 1:20 “Aliens” USCM APC Resin Kit.

The M588 falls into class of advanced technology weapon systems initiatives. In an effort to counter the invader technical advantage. Most were supplied to US Army and Marines.

Development, integration and production of advanced weapon systems were conducted at Natick and Tobyhanna (unoccupied zones north of the North Carolina border). Major production facilities were hidden in the rugged Appalachians spanning from Pennsylvania north to parts of New York.

The idea of using Aircraft tugs to convert to APC’s was actually feasible. Improved laser weapon technology derived from the Navy and Air Force prior to the invasion of Earth was finally advanced enough to set atop an armored vehicle. The main cannon fired a high energy pulse laser beam. The assembly, modification, and integration of new technology with the aircraft tug had relative short leadtime. Was a tedious task transporting vehicles to avoid detection once they left the protected facilities.

First of 13 APC’S were assigned to a new Army division. The APC designated: Advance Research Tactical Assault Vehicle (AR-TAV), M588 APC. Nicknamed “Cameron”. Each APC could carry 10 personnel.

The engine in the rear of the vehicle was incased in a noise and heat suppression compartment. The ECU, NBC, and other mechanical systems were built into the left side.

Forward right of the APC. The sensor raises and lowers (raises when stationary). Provides night/day/thermal video surveillance. Has long range laser target tracking system. Operated by crew or automated. The unit can maintain lock on a target and feed the data to US artillery, armor, and air forces for direct fire missions. It also guides cruise missiles. The MLRS version of the APC uses same technology.

Main turret has its own dedicated laser tracking/locking system. When target is engaged the system takes over as a fire-and-forget weapon. It allows the pulse laser weapon to remain locked on a target with gunner ability to override system.

This APC below is weathered, decals applied (from multiple kits).

Some custom changes to the kit:

– elevated wheel height for more ground clearance (more common with modern APC’s)

– cut out opening for driver side door. Door is hinged and turning handle locks the door.

– add slide rail and rod so the side door can open/close.

– made joints so main gun can elevate. Pins to allow both main turret and forward twin barrel gun to rotate.

– smoke grenade launchers added to left/right of the hull.

– Telescopic sensor array. When on surveillance/recon missions, the sensor rises about 5″. The sensor rotates and tilts.

– cut out resin to add windshield to frame.

– Seats added to interior. Two rotate. Computer/control center added to right front wheel well.

– Steering mechanism added.

– Front headlights and rear taillights. Spotlight operates independently. Interior lighting uses green LED. Also independent of the other light units.




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