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NEWS!! 1:350 Star Trek TOS Enterprise from ROUND 2 Models CONFIRMED!!!


Wonderfest is one of those events that many great things are announced. This year was no different as Steve Iverson (CULT TV MAN) confirmed with ROUND 2 Models that the 1:350 TOS Enterprise kit WILL ...

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NEW UPDATE! 1:24 BSG Antique Viper Kit patterned by Jason Eaton

I received an email a few days ago from professional artist Jason Eaton with some fantastic news! This kit master is now completed and being sent to Mike Salzo of MSLZ22 Models to be cast and released...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! Studio Scale Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser from Atomic City Models




Star Trek

Kit Producer: Atomic City Models

Kit Scale: 1/305 (Studio Scale)

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: 20

Kit Price: $295 U.S...

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Star Trek TOS Enterprise CG Model Renders by Douglas E. Graves (deg3D)

Everyone knows THIS artist! Douglas Graves is back with many different renders of his TOS Enterprise shown in different scenes from the series...

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22 Inch Starship Enterprise by Jim Graham

I have the great pleasure today of introducing another fine artist to this Gallery…. Mr. Jim Graham from Greenfield, IN...

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Star Trek “Tomorrow is Yesterday” CG Art by Douglas E. Graves (deg3d)

One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek TOS was “Tomorrow is Yesterday”. Viewing that F-104 Starfighter approach the Enterprise as she hung in low, atmospheric orbit has stayed with me all my life...

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STAR TREK Space Station K-7 by Lou Dalmaso

Built from one of the original designed kits that came from the 1960’s series Star Trek, master builder Lou Dalmaso did this piece the justice it deserves...

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Scratch Built 2/3 Studio Scale TOS Enterprise 1701 by David Shaw

When I viewed photos of this piece I had to take a second glance.. I thought it that of the Master Replicas 1701 without the lights on...

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