NEWS!! 1:350 Star Trek TOS Enterprise from ROUND 2 Models CONFIRMED!!!


Wonderfest is one of those events that many great things are announced. This year was no different as Steve Iverson (CULT TV MAN) confirmed with ROUND 2 Models that the 1:350 TOS Enterprise kit WILL BE RELEASED  in 2012! The even better news is it will be in TWO editions…. The DELUXE Edition will be sold ONLY through ROUND 2 at a price point of $150 U.S., while the Standard Edition will be released shortly after and sold through retailers like the CULT TV MAN Shop! My hopes is that it will come with parts so that the kit can be made into any of the three TOS version Enterprises that we viewed on the TV Series in the 1960’s. Thanks to Mr. Iverson of CULT TV MAN for releasing this information to us all!

May 4, 2009

On ROUND 2’s blog site yesterday… Jamie (from Round 2) typed some great news!!!

Embarking on a new Enterprise


So, we keep hearing that a 1/350 scale Star Trek Original Series Enterprise might be popular. I’ve heard it from a few folks that model builders of all shapes and sizes think it’s a grand idea… well those that have the room anyway. It is probably the most iconic spacecraft (or any vehicle for that matter) of all time and we are giddy as little school children to do it. So we’ve begun planning, gotten some excellent consultants involved and we’re off and running. We’ve got tons of ideas to make the ultimate Enterprise kit.

Even better… ROUND 2 is looking for YOUR input!

To read this blog, and participate in the response, please click the ROUND 2 banner below…


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