Scratch Built 2/3 Studio Scale TOS Enterprise 1701 by David Shaw

When I viewed photos of this piece I had to take a second glance.. I thought it that of the Master Replicas 1701 without the lights on. THEN I noticed that it look like it was solid… or nearly so! Beautifully sculpted by master artist David Shaw! I am very impressed with how this artist did this piece and soon will be doing a “how to” tutorial to show what he did to create it! A wonderful piece created by master modeler David Shaw!

Here are a few words from modeler David Shaw…

The model is two-third scale to the original 33 inch study/filming model of the Enterprise, which makes it 1/500 scale
overall. The original model was 33.75 inches long and 15 inches wide, this model is 22.5 inches long and 10 inches wide.

This model was sort of a “proof of concept” that I could even build the shapes. The next version will be not only the exact same size as the original (lost) model, but made of the same materials (kiln-dried sugar pine). I’m now researching what I need to know to do that type of wood work.

It has been pointed out that I could build a full size replica using the same techniques that I used on this model… and it would be
easier. But I’d really like to replicate the original inside-and-out because the original has been missing since 1978 (and is most likely
lost forever).

Thank You.

David Shaw

To contact Mr Shaw, please click HERE.


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