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SOLD!! “Saving Apollo” In-Flight Diorama’s offered by Scott Boon


Scott Boon


Battlestar Galactica

“SAVING APOLLO” In-Flight Diorama

$525 U.S.

Plus Shipping


It’s my latest Viper extravaganza, (… an homage to Tony Agustin’s 2003 Vignette), built using...

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AMT Pro-Shop X-Wing RED 5 by Scott Boon

I remember when AMT released the pro-Shop X-Wing….. it was such a treat compared to the smaller X-Wings we all built back in the day...

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Studio Scale MKI Viper by Scott Boon for the Wayne Middleton Collection

Scott boon has done it again with this fantastic TOS Studio Viper! Built from the JAWS Models kit (which ARE from the original MSLZ22 Models patterns JAWS now owns), this piece looks amazing...

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Scott Boon’s VIPER Evolution Display from the Albert Siow Collection

These displays that artist Scott Boon is producing are absolutely fantastic! Just ask collector Albert Siow, whose display this is! We may just have to get one of these displays for Modeler Magic!




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Wall Mounted 1:32 Viper EVOLUTION by Scott Boon for the Albert Siow Collection

These 1:32 Viper kit have become quite premium as artist Scott Boon makes them into fantastic EVOLUTION displays like this one for the Albert Siow Collection! His attention to detail and quality is am...

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1:20 Viper MK II built by Scott Boon for the Wayne Middleton Collection

Today…. Scott Boon shows his amazing build of the Starbuck Viper for the Wayne Middleton Collection! Outstanding!

Built for the Wayne Middleton Collection, this SS Viper was a joy to build which is te...

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VIPER Evolution by Scott Boon

Scott Boon has created some very fantastic displays! This one is such that is has the different versions of Vipers all together… and in scale with each other! Beautiful! Scott is even offering to make...

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Star Trek III – Diorama by Scott Boon for the Wayne Middleton Collection

This diorama is one I have not seen done before today! The face off between Cdr...

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SOLD!! Fully Lit Studio Scale TIE INTERCEPTOR from Scott Boon


Star Wars

Studio Scale

TIE Interceptor!



Plus Shipping


Here is my finished studio scale TIE Interceptor that I am selling for $750 plus shipping.

It’s made from the Chris Kel...

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SOLD!! 1:72 Millennium Falcon by Scott Boon




$1,000 U.S.

Plus Shipping & Insurance

To contact artist Scott Boon direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.


Don’t miss out on this beautiful buil...

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