Studio Scale MKI Viper by Scott Boon for the Wayne Middleton Collection

Scott boon has done it again with this fantastic TOS Studio Viper! Built from the JAWS Models kit (which ARE from the original MSLZ22 Models patterns JAWS now owns), this piece looks amazing. Going into the Wayne Middleton Collection… this piece is sure to shine!

A studio scale Mk1 Viper, for the Wayne Middleton collection – made from the Jaws models castings from Mike Salzos Mk1, looks pretty cool.
Apart from having to cut and re-align each of the engines, she absolutely flew together and was a joy to make. Unlike the MK2, this one isn’t lit as I thought that trying to channel through the solid fuselage and scoop section would be too much of a headache. This is the first model I’ve actually made for a few years now that isn’t lit – it makes em go together considerably faster!


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Scott Boon

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