AMT Pro-Shop X-Wing RED 5 by Scott Boon

I remember when AMT released the pro-Shop X-Wing….. it was such a treat compared to the smaller X-Wings we all built back in the day. Plus… it was electronic with lighting and a wing block that opened and closed with the press of a button! Artist Scott Boon shows us his magnificent build of this model, with a few upgrades!

Here is my latest quick project, made in a week, it’s an old AMT Pro Shop X-Wing. Notoriously inaccurate but a fair size none the less, at 15 inches long and a 13 inch wingspan it makes a decent sized display.

I have added some styrene detail and panel lines to match the studio scale model a little more, she’s dressed as red 5 and is heavily weathered and beaten. The cool thing about these is the motorised wigs and canopy and those great sound clips from the film.

Mounted on a custom base made from a TIE Fighter base and a code 3 X-Wing base the whole thing is about 16 inches square. I suspect that this is what Revell Germany are about to re-release without all the electronics (hopefully they’ll re-tool it and make it a bit more accurate too!)




Scott Boon

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