Star Trek III – Diorama by Scott Boon for the Wayne Middleton Collection

This diorama is one I have not seen done before today! The face off between Cdr. Kruge’s BOP and the empty Enterprise above the Genesis planet! Still beautiful after her encounter with Khan and Reliant, she sets with her sides and saucer patched with welded plating! This piece even has laser for phaser effects! Outstanding! Or.. in the words of the younger generation… “This thing is SICK!”


This is my Star Trek III display scene for the Wayne Middleton Collection, featuring the standoff scene just before the Enterprise was set for self destruct.

The brief was simple, make it look beat to shit and not like a shiny piece of plastic. I think I managed to achieve this, with all constant airbrushing of flat white over the many layers of aztecs and decals.

The weathering adds a nice touch and she certainly looks beat up! The hull was filled and sanded smooth,as per the film and pencil lines were added to the hull and nacelle pylons, there is some burned in damage and repair patched added too.

Has taken 9 months from start to finish and has been a very enjoyable project, hopefully capturing the scene with my interpretation of it.

Made from the Polar lights 1/350 Enterprise kit and the 1/350 Bird of Prey kit.


  • Fully detailed and lit shuttlebay
  • Fully detailed and populated Arboretum
  • Fully detailed and populated Officers lounge
  • Fully detailed rec dec
  • Lit airlocks
  • Open saucer airlock with 1/350 ‘Spock’ jetpack figure
  • Paragrafix photetch set
  • JT Graphics decals
  • Woking phasers.
  • Fading Deflector dish, between warp ad impulse
  • Photon torpedo effects
  • Fading Warp and impulse engines between UV purple and blue and yellow / red for the impulse engine.
  • Working Shield display

The Bop has:

  • Flickering main drive
  • Impulse engines underneath
  • A photon torpedo effect
  • Stealth mode.

All on a custom handmade base, which incorporates lit registry plaques.

Many many thanks as always to my good friend Bernie Potrell, who supplied most of the electronics from and to Matt Davis from for the registry plaques and shields up plaque.

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